As with the global platform, Betfair Australia allows users to back (bet for) and lay (bet against) outcomes, creating a peer-to-peer betting environment.

Betting Markets

Betfair Australia is renowned for offering some of the country’s most favourable sports betting and horse racing odds. However, there are instances where certain events may not have a market available, or the liquidity might be limited, hindering the ability to place larger bets. This limitation is a characteristic of betting exchanges, as the availability of bets depends on others laying wagers. In many cases, markets become available closer to the event, such as AFL games, where liquidity increases on the eve or day of the match. Popular sports and events generally have more attractive odds, as they generate more interest and participation from bettors.

To address the issue of constant market availability, Betfair is currently working on launching a bookmaker alongside its exchange, ensuring options for all events at any time. This is beneficial for exchange bettors, who can compare odds between the two platforms and select the most advantageous price. Betfair Australia particularly stands out in the realm of horse racing. Professional punters often prefer Betfair for horse racing bets due to the competitive odds offered on their exchange. This platform allows users to gauge market sentiment and wait for optimal odds before placing their bets.

Offers and Products

If you’re searching for a Betfair bonus offer, you may end up disappointed. Unlike traditional bookmakers, Betfair takes a different approach and does not provide bonus bets, money-back guarantees, or free bets for specific outcomes, like your horse finishing second or third.

The focus of Betfair as a betting exchange is on offering superior odds and empowering punters to bet without restrictive limits. Their emphasis lies in delivering a unique betting experience and a distinct business model. As a result, Betfair does not have any sign-up offers either, and this is not exclusive to them. State laws have largely eradicated bonus sign-up offers from most bookmakers, making them a rare occurrence across the industry. Betfair’s commitment to its exchange model sets it apart from traditional bookmakers, concentrating on fair and competitive odds rather than relying on promotional incentives.

Website Review and Usability

When you first visit the Betfair website and view a race, you might notice a slight difference from traditional bookmakers’ layouts. To navigate the races effectively, pay attention to the left-hand menu, which serves as your gateway to races from around the world. With just a simple click, you can access any race you desire. While the race view may appear intricate at first glance, mastering it requires only a few basics. For instance, Blue = Back, Pink = Lay: The boxes highlighted in these colours display the best available odds on each side of the market. The large number in each box represents the odds. The smaller number in each box shows the current amount available to be matched at that particular price. And the highlighted boxes indicate the best available odds, while the adjacent boxes feature the next best available odds.

How to Bet at

First create an account and make a deposit. Then locate and tap on the Racing icon at the bottom of the screen. Once you’re in the Racing section, select the race you’re interested in. The races about to start will be prominently displayed, but you can also use filters to find races by day, code, country, or track by using the search function. After you’ve made your decision to Back or Lay on a specific horse, it’s time to enter your stake.

At Betfair, you have two options: you can either accept the best-available current odds, or you can enter your own preferred odds. However, if you choose to enter better odds than what’s currently available, your bet may not be immediately matched. The matching depends on whether there’s a corresponding bet on the other side of the exchange. Once you’ve set your stake and selected your preferred odds, click on the “Place Bet” button to confirm your wager.

Mobile App

In 2020, Betfair Australia unveiled its revamped mobile app. The new version granted users access to all the features and products of the Betfair Exchange previously available only on desktop. One standout feature of the Betfair App is its user-friendly navigation. A fixed banner menu at the bottom of the screen always stays within reach, providing instant access to Home, Racing, Sport, In Play, and My Bets. Once inside the Betfair Racing section, filtering options by day, code, and track are just a press away, making race selection a breeze.

This intuitive and swift method saves you from switching between different fields, enabling you to get the hang of it in no time. Although not directly comparable to a bookmaker’s app, when it comes to the overall mobile betting experience, the Betfair app sets a high standard that is challenging to surpass.

Customer Support

  • Telephone Betting: Call 132 BET (132 238) for telephone betting assistance.
  • Telephone Helpdesk: For general help, dial 1300 BETFAIR (1300 238 324).
  • Email: Reach out via email at [email protected] for inquiries or assistance.
  • Pricing Enquiries: For pricing-related questions, use [email protected].


What is a Betting Exchange?

A betting exchange is a platform that allows individuals to bet against each other directly, rather than betting against a traditional bookmaker (sportsbook). In a betting exchange, users have the option to both back (bet for) and lay (bet against) a particular outcome. This creates a peer-to-peer betting environment where users can act as both punters and bookmakers.

Do Betfair offer a sign-up bonus?

Betfair does not provide new customers with a sign-up bonus. This is due to new legislation that restricts bookmakers from offering incentives to new customers.

How can I bet with Betfair?

Betting with Betfair is quick and straightforward. All you need to do is sign up on their platform, make a deposit, and you’ll be ready to start betting right away.

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