This reputation stems from their competitive odds, extensive range of sports markets, appealing welcome bonus, and dedication to customer support and responsible gambling. It’s worth noting that Bet365 enjoys a substantial user base of over 50 million customers worldwide and generates annual revenue exceeding $2.7 billion.

Positive aspects of Bet365 NZ

  • Bet365 consistently offers favourable odds.
  • The Bet365 app is highly regarded in New Zealand.
  • Bet365 provides a wide array of live betting and live streaming options.

Considerations regarding Bet365 NZ

  • The Bet365 website may be perceived as simplistic.
  • Bet365’s available deposit and withdrawal methods are somewhat limited but sufficient.

Welcome Bonus

Bet365 offers a first deposit matching promotion where they provide bet credits of up to $100 to New Zealand customers.

This offer appeals to those interested in bonuses and newcomers to betting. An advantageous aspect of this offer is the flexibility to claim the bet credits within a 30-day period, with the largest deposit (up to $100) being eligible. Once claimed, customers have 90 days to utilize their bet credits.

Steps to get the Bet365 sign-up bonus:

  • Click the green ‘Claim’ button above.
  • Select ‘Bet Now’ on the Bet365 website and create an account.
  • Deposit and place bets worth at least $10 within 30 days of registering.
  • Access the ‘My Offers’ section and click ‘Claim Now’ to apply your credits to bets with odds of 1.20 (⅕) or higher.

Bonuses and Promotions

Bet365 provides a wide range of bonus offers for various sports, both ongoing and new. To access the full list of promotions available to New Zealand customers, navigate to the ‘Promotions’ tab by clicking on your account information located in the top-right corner of the desktop site.

Early Payout Offer

In addition to their welcome bonus, Bet365 offers multiple bonuses tailored to popular sports and leagues in New Zealand and globally. For instance, the Early Payout Offer is applicable to leagues like AFL, NRL, and Super Rugby, providing early payouts for single bets when the supported team has a significant lead.


Accumulator Bonuses are also available, granting up to 70% additional payouts for popular sports such as soccer and tennis. Fans of American sports can enjoy Parlay Bonuses for leagues like the NFL, NBA, MLB, and NHL.

Bet Credits

While Bet365 rarely uses the term “Bet365 Free Bets,” they offer a similar concept known as “bet credits.” These credits function similarly to free bets, allowing you to place bets without risking your own funds.

Best Odds Guarantee

Horse racing and Greyhound punters benefit from the Best Odds Guarantee provided by Bet365, eliminating the need to compare odds or solely rely on the TAB.

Football Offers

Football enthusiasts wagering on the EPL, Champions League, or Europa League can take advantage of Bet365’s Full-Time Result offers, which offer enhanced prices. Other soccer bonuses on Bet365 include Draw Money-Back Offers and 2 Goals Ahead early payouts.

Special Bets

Moreover, Bet365 offers special bets encompassing NZ political wagers, bets on events like USA hotdog eating competitions, and odds for reality TV show winners such as Britain’s Got Talent.

Payment Methods

Bet365 provides a range of deposit and withdrawal options for New Zealand customers, although the available methods for both may have certain limitations. It is worth noting that all transactions are conducted in NZ dollars.

Deposit Methods on Bet365:

  • Visa Card
  • Master Card
  • Maestro Card
  • Paysafecard
  • POLi
  • Skrill & Skrill 1-tap
  • Bank Wire (2-10 Banking Days | $200 minimum)
  • Cheque (5-28 Banking Days | $2,500 minimum)

With the exception of specified methods, deposits are typically processed instantly, and the minimum deposit amount is $10 NZD. For withdrawals, it is recommended to use Credit/Debit Cards or Skrill as funds can be transferred to these accounts.

Withdrawal Methods on Bet365:

  • Visa Card
  • Master Card
  • Maestro Card
  • Skrill (Under 24 hours)
  • Bank Wire (2-10 Banking Days | $60 minimum)
  • Cheque (5-28 Banking Days | $2,500 minimum)

Most withdrawals (excluding specified methods) take 1-5 business days, and the minimum withdrawal amount is $10 NZD. It is advisable to refer to Bet365’s website for a comprehensive list of deposit and withdrawal methods available to New Zealand customers, along with details regarding minimum and maximum amounts and processing times.

The App

The Bet365 sports betting app is compatible with various devices, including Apple, Android, iPads, and tablets. You can download the app from the NZ App Store for Apple devices or directly from the Bet365 website for Android devices. Many users find the Bet365 app preferable due to its user-friendly navigation and less cluttered interface compared to the desktop site.

Bet365’s Social Advocacy Initiatives

Bet365, a prominent player in the online gambling and sports betting industry, has demonstrated a commitment to social advocacy initiatives, particularly in the realm of responsible gambling. Despite the United Kingdom’s Gambling Commission’s data indicating a low overall problem gambling rate of 0.3%, Bet365 remains proactive in enhancing player safety. The company has independently and collaboratively, alongside other Betting and Gaming Council (BGC) members, implemented voluntary initiatives to address potential areas of improvement. These initiatives span changes to online product design, a whistle-to-whistle ban on TV advertising during football matches, and the reinforcement of the industry advertising code.

Bet365 has also prioritised funding for Research, Education, and Treatment (RET), contributing 0.75% of Gross Gambling Yield (GGY) in 2022/23, with an increase to 1% GGY thereafter. Notably, the company works closely with GambleAware, allowing the organisation to allocate funds at its discretion for commissioning activities. Additionally, Bet365 actively engages with regulatory bodies such as the Gambling Commission and DCMS, providing input based on their experiences for an evidence-based and proportionate outcome in the Gambling Act Review. As part of their responsible business practices, Bet365 employs an Early Risk Detection System to monitor customer activity and intervenes promptly when signs of individual harm are identified, further underscoring their commitment to customer protection.

Innovations in Gaming Technology

Bet365 stands at the forefront of gaming technology innovations, consistently elevating the user experience in the dynamic realm of online sports betting. Through groundbreaking features like In-Play Betting, users can dynamically engage with live sporting events, immersing themselves in real-time wagering opportunities that enhance the traditional betting experience. The Cash-Out Feature further empowers bettors by allowing them to settle bets before event conclusions, enabling profit securing or loss minimisation based on evolving match dynamics.

Responding to the demand for continuous betting options, Bet365 has embraced Virtual Sports Betting, offering users participation in simulated sports events with randomised outcomes, ensuring a seamless and engaging experience year-round. Recognising the significance of personalised interactions, the platform introduces Customisable Betting Experiences, enabling users to tailor interfaces, set preferences, and receive personalised recommendations, fostering a more user-centric and enjoyable betting environment.

The integration of Live Streaming services directly into the platform allows users not only to bet in real-time but also to watch events unfold live, creating a comprehensive one-stop destination for both betting and live sports entertainment. Crucially, Bet365 demonstrates a commitment to user well-being through the implementation of Responsible Gambling Tools, including self-exclusion options, deposit limits, and time management features, showcasing dedication to promoting responsible gambling practices and ensuring the safety and welfare of its users. Bet365’s continuous commitment to innovation underscores its proactive approach in providing a cutting-edge and responsible gaming environment.

Community Engagement by Bet365 NZ

Bet365 New Zealand, recognising the importance of community engagement and corporate social responsibility, implemented initiatives to actively contribute to the well-being of the local community. In line with their commitment to responsible gaming, the company supports educational programs aimed at raising awareness about responsible gambling practices. Additionally, Bet365 NZ establishes partnerships with local organisations focused on community development, youth empowerment, and sports initiatives, aligning with their core business in online sports betting.

Bet365’s Impact on Local Sports Culture

Bet365 has had a notable impact on the local sports culture in regions where it operates, including New Zealand. As a major player in the online sports betting industry, Bet365’s influence on local sports culture could be seen as multifaceted. The platform provides an avenue for sports enthusiasts to engage more actively with various sporting events, fostering a heightened level of excitement and interest. The accessibility and convenience of online betting might contribute to increased viewership of sports events, with fans following matches more closely due to their potential betting implications.

Bet365’s Initiatives for Player Wellness

In the dynamic landscape of online gambling and sports betting, a heightened awareness of player wellness and the promotion of responsible gambling practices have become central tenets for industry leaders like Bet365. The recognition of the potential risks associated with excessive gaming has led companies to proactively introduce an array of measures designed to cultivate a secure and enjoyable gaming environment. In a hypothetical scenario, Bet365 goes above and beyond industry norms by integrating innovative responsible gambling tools. These tools include sophisticated features like personalised deposit limits tailored to individual financial circumstances, time management functionalities to encourage breaks and responsible gaming intervals, and robust self-exclusion options allowing players to temporarily or permanently suspend their accounts. Empowering players with such tools not only places a premium on individual agency and control but also reflects a commitment to fostering a culture of responsible gaming.

Beyond the technical aspects, Bet365 embarked on extensive educational initiatives, providing players with comprehensive resources on responsible gambling practices. This educational content covers a range of topics, from understanding the odds and risks associated with different types of bets to recognising signs of potential gambling-related harm. Encouraging players to set and manage their own limits, whether in terms of time or monetary investment, would be a key facet of this educational outreach.

Moreover, Bet365’s commitment to player wellness is exemplified through regular and transparent communication on responsible gambling practices. This involves prominently displaying responsible gaming messages on the platform, ensuring that players are consistently reminded of the importance of balanced and mindful gaming. Collaborating with responsible gambling organisations, engaging in research partnerships, and actively participating in industry-wide initiatives further underscore Bet365’s dedication to upholding the highest standards of player protection. Adherence to industry-wide standards and best practices for player wellness is a foundational element of Bet365’s responsible gaming initiatives. Regular audits, transparent reporting, and a commitment to continuous improvement demonstrates the company’s dedication to creating a safe and sustainable gaming ecosystem. To stay informed about the latest developments in Bet365’s responsible gaming practices, individuals are encouraged to check the company’s official resources and recent reports, ensuring the most accurate and up-to-date information on their ongoing initiatives for player wellness.

Bet365’s Cultural Partnerships and Collaborations

Bet365 has explored partnerships with cultural institutions, sports organisations, or entertainment entities to extend its influence beyond the gaming realm. Cultural partnerships have included collaborations with sports teams, leagues, or events, fostering a deeper connection between Bet365 and the sports community. Sponsorships, joint initiatives, and promotional activities aligned with major cultural and sporting events might be part of such collaborations. Additionally, Bet365 explored and fostered partnerships with cultural festivals, arts organisations, or community programs to broaden its engagement with diverse audiences. In terms of entertainment, partnerships with music festivals, film events, or digital content creators have been avenues for Bet365 to integrate its brand into popular cultural conversations. 


How does Bet365 contribute to community wellness and local sports culture?

Bet365 NZ exemplifies corporate social responsibility through community initiatives, responsible gaming support, and partnerships for community development, aligning with their online sports betting focus. As a major player in New Zealand’s online sports betting industry, Bet365 significantly shapes local sports culture, offering enthusiasts increased engagement opportunities and fostering heightened excitement in various events. The platform’s accessibility and convenience amplify sports event viewership, with fans closely following matches for potential betting implications, showcasing Bet365’s multifaceted impact on enhancing the local sports experience.

Can you explain Bet365’s focus on environmental sustainability and its initiatives?

Bet365’s has taken significant steps towards becoming more environmentally friendly and ensuring that their platform runs on renewable energy. Furthermore, the company has sponsored other initiatives to encourage others to follow in their footsteps.

What educational resources or programs does Bet365 offer to its users?

Bet365, a leader in online gambling, prioritises player wellness through proactive measures like personalised deposit limits, time management features, and robust self-exclusion options. The company emphasises responsible gaming education, covering topics from understanding odds to recognising signs of harm, encouraging players to set and manage limits. Bet365’s commitment to player wellness extends to regular communication, collaboration with responsible gambling organisations, and adherence to industry standards, demonstrating dedication to creating a safe and sustainable gaming environment.

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