UFC 299

UFC 299

UFC 299, held on March 9, 2024, at the vibrant Kaseya Center in Miami, Florida, was a landmark event in the world of MMA. The night was filled with anticipation and delivered an exhilarating array of fights that highlighted the skill, strategy, and tenacity of its competitors. This look back at UFC 299 dives into the pivotal bouts and standout performances that captivated fans and underscored the athletes’ commitment to excellence in the ever-demanding sport of MMA.

The main event of UFC 299 brought fans to the edge of their seats as Sean O’Malley faced Marlon Vera in a bantamweight title bout that promised fireworks. Their initial encounter, which saw Vera hand O’Malley his first professional defeat, was a dramatic prelude to this highly anticipated rematch. Motivated by redemption and the chance to solidify his status, O’Malley stepped into the octagon with a clear mission. He displayed a masterclass in striking and movement, outmanoeuvring Vera with precise jabs and evasive footwork that left little opportunity for counterattacks. The judges’ unanimous scores of 50-45, 50-45, and 50-44 reflected the one-sided nature of the battle, allowing O’Malley not just to avenge his previous loss but also to reinforce his position as a leading figure in the bantamweight division. This victory was not merely about retaining the title; it was a definitive statement about his resilience and evolved skill set, projecting O’Malley further into the elite echelons of MMA fighters.

Transformative redesign of the UFC Date

O’Malley vs. Vera 2

The UFC has unveiled a significant redesign of their official fight gloves, enhancing both safety and performance. The new gloves, manufactured by Dyaco and featuring innovative VICIS RFLX foam padding, offer improved ergonomic fit and flexibility. Notably, the gloves incorporate NFC chips from VeChain for authentication, allowing fans to verify their authenticity. Set to debut at UFC 302, these gloves represent a leap forward in combat sports equipment technology.

In the thrilling co-main event of UFC 299, Dustin Poirier took on Benoit Saint Denis in a lightweight confrontation that captivated fans. Poirier, celebrated for his robust boxing skills and exceptional resilience, brought a wealth of experience to the octagon. From the outset, the match was charged with intensity, each fighter vying to assert dominance. Poirier’s strategic approach and precise striking quickly became apparent as he masterfully controlled the pace and space of the fight. His ability to connect with powerful and significant strikes overwhelmed Saint Denis, culminating in a dramatic knockout midway through the second round. This victory not only solidified Poirier’s reputation as one of the formidable contenders in the lightweight division but also showcased his tactical genius and ability to perform under pressure, enhancing his standing in the MMA community as a top-tier fighter with continued potential for greatness.

In his UFC debut at UFC 299, Michael “Venom” Page, renowned for his distinctive and flamboyant fighting style, took on Kevin Holland in a welterweight showdown. Having built a formidable reputation in Bellator for his striking accuracy and theatrical prowess, Page faced the challenge of proving himself on the UFC’s global stage. He rose to the occasion with a masterful display of his unique striking skills, outmanoeuvring Holland throughout the bout. Page’s strategic use of space, coupled with his sharp and precise strikes, allowed him to dominate the fight, leading to a unanimous decision victory. This impressive entry into the UFC not only heralded Page’s successful transition from Bellator but also signalled his emergence as a formidable new threat within the welterweight division, setting the stage for exciting future matchups.

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Another highlight of the night was Jack Della Maddalena’s performance against veteran Gilbert Burns in a welterweight clash. Della Maddalena, known for his aggressive style and punching power, faced a tough opponent in Burns. However, his ability to control the pace and land decisive strikes proved too much for Burns, culminating in a TKO victory in the third round. This win was a significant step up for Della Maddalena, positioning him as a rising star in the welterweight ranks.


UFC 299 also shined a spotlight on its undercard, which featured a blend of knockouts and technical battles – great news for the thousands of eager fans in attendance. Notable was Curtis Blaydes’ second-round TKO victory over Jailton Almeida in a heavyweight bout, showcasing his dominance in the division. Beyond the fights, UFC 299 engaged fans with several events, including meet-and-greets, a press conference, and the ceremonial weigh-ins, all of which were accessible to the public and enhanced the event experience.


Petr Yan faced off against Song Yadong in a battle that tested both fighters’ skills and resilience. Yan, known for his sharp boxing and tactical ground game, took on Yadong, who has made a name for himself with his aggressive striking and speed. Ultimately, Yan secured a unanimous decision victory, showcasing his ability to dominate in striking and control the pace of the fight, further cementing his status as one of the top contenders in the bantamweight division.

How close will the UFC 299 date be to UFC 300?bonus awards

At UFC 299, the excitement in the octagon was matched by the rewards handed out afterwards, as numerous fighters were recognised for their exceptional performances. Dustin Poirier and Benoit Saint Denis earned the “Fight of the Night” accolades for their captivating and intense match. Additionally, standout performances were acknowledged with “Performance of the Night” bonuses. Fighters Sean O’Malley, Jack Della Maddalena, Curtis Blaydes, Michel Pereira, and Robelis Despaigne each received $50,000.

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