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Football is without a doubt the world’s most popular sport. Millions of fans tune in to watch the Premier League every week, and the Champions League final is consistently one of the most-watched sporting events of the year. The FIFA World Cup is the ultimate international football competition, and football betting tips and previews are always extremely popular with fans and bettors in the lead-up to the competition.

In this article, we’ll take a look at some crucial tips and factors to help you make the best decisions when betting on football matches. Our tips cover a variety of areas, including:

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  • Free Football Betting
  • Champions League Betting
  • Premier League Betting
  • Boxing Day Football Betting
  • Europa League Betting
  • Championship Betting
  • League One Betting
  • MLS Betting
  • La Liga Betting

Now, let’s dive right into the thick of it. If you’re looking for the ultimate football betting tips on the web, we’ve got you covered. Visit our comprehensive blog for around-the-clock football coverage!

Important note: if you or someone you know has been affected by a gambling addiction, there’s no shame in reaching out and taking the necessary steps to bettor your situation.

Football Betting Tips

Betting on football has never been as easy and convenient as it is now. Nowadays, there’s a huge variety of betting markets available for almost every football match, giving punters a slew of options to pick from.

For example, the 888sport website offers a unique football ‘Bet Builder’ feature for major fixtures, enabling you to create a personalized bet that suits your personal style and preference. If you want to watch the early moments of the game before making a bet, you’re free to do so without any hassle. Most bookmakers now provide in-play betting odds on football matches, giving bettors greater flexibility over their betting decisions than ever before.

At 888sport, football fans can enjoy deep and comprehensive coverage of games and tournaments worldwide, making it the ultimate destination for football betting. Whether you are an avid follower of the Premier League or a fan of the Australian A-League, they’ve got you covered with a wide range of betting markets available for each league. It’s that easy!

In today’s football betting landscape, punters are given a wide variety of choices and options. Football betting has evolved over time, and now you can easily find odds on penalties, cards, corners, and more.

Outright betting is probably the easiest and most popular way to bet on football. Whether it’s placing a bet on a team to win a tournament or simply to win a match, outright betting is straightforward, giving it a strong appeal to the football betting masses. However, sometimes outright betting can be more complicated – when betting on football handicap, for example. Nevertheless, we’ll provide a range of football betting tips to help address any questions you might have. Our team of football betting experts provides comprehensive coverage of the biggest football events, fixtures, and tournaments. Whether it’s a Premier League preview or breaking transfer rumours, you can follow the latest football tips, betting news, and weekly sports updates on our blog.

Free Football Betting Tips

Be sure to keep an eye out for free football betting tips, as many football experts will share their thoughts and advice online, free of charge, leading up to fixtures. While paid football tips can certainly be beneficial, free football betting tips can also pay dividends.

With football competitions taking place daily all around the world, there is always something for football betting fans to follow. This can include scouting the hottest transfer prospect in Spain or watching an international friendly in preparation for a major tournament.

The simplest football betting tips are often the best ones to follow. Whilst using advanced features such as the ‘Bet Builder’ can be useful, many football experts prefer focusing on doubles and trebles rather than making too many combinations. It’s not necessary to be an expert to know that more combinations mean higher odds and a potentially bigger pay-out. However, it’s generally advised that simpler bets are overall more effective in terms of profit and loss.

Many fans specifically look for UK football betting tips. Although the Premier League is one of the most dominant leagues in the world, Championship and League One betting odds are also gaining popularity worldwide. With football matches happening daily worldwide, there is always something for football bettors to get in on.

Putting together an outright winner prediction is an exciting task for many punters each year. While it is challenging, predicting the winners of the four English football divisions or the ‘Big Five’ European leagues is an absolute dream for many football bettors.

Why pay for football tips when there are plenty of free options available for most competitions? Keep up with the latest news, tips, and previews, and trust your own judgment when making football bets.

One of the most critical aspects of football betting is keeping track of your bets. Creating a spreadsheet that calculates stakes, winnings, and profit/loss is a simple way to do this. Using free betting tips can help you avoid the extra costs associated with paid tipsters.

Champions League Betting Tips

The Champions League is a world-class competition that showcases the best clubs in Europe. It features a group stage format followed by the knockout stages, culminating in one of the most exciting events in football, the Champions League Final.

Placing a bet on the Champions League is a hassle-free process. Simply go to the football section of a football betting website and click on the Champions League betting page. You’ll have all the information you need right there, including the odds for the outright winner, top goal scorer, and upcoming fixtures. 888sport provides the latest news and tips on Champions League football throughout the season, from the summer qualifiers all the way to the grand finale.

When placing a Champions League bet, one interesting strategy you could try is a “to qualify” wager, particularly during the knockout stages. This gives bettors an interesting alternative to betting on a specific leg of the competition.

In the 2018/19 season, Liverpool won their sixth Champions League title after defeating Tottenham Hotspur in the final. This was the first all-English final since Manchester United and Chelsea faced off in Moscow back in 2008. However, it is unlikely that there will be a repeat of this matchup in the near future, according to Champions League betting experts.

Liverpool now holds the record for the most Champions League wins by an English club, to the delight of their fans around the globe. Nevertheless, they still have a long way to go to match Real Madrid’s staggering 13 Champions League titles.

If you want to make informed decisions whilst betting on the outright winner of the Champions League, researching past results is the best way to learn. To gain some valuable insight into the history of Champions League finals, let’s take a look at the five most successful clubs in terms of titles won:

  1. Real Madrid – 13
  2. Milan – 7
  3. Liverpool – 6
  4. Bayern Munich – 5
  5. Barcelona – 5

Winning the Champions League trophy is the ultimate ambition for every footballer, but only a few lucky players can make that dream come true. To gain an advantage in upcoming fixtures, stay up-to-date with the latest betting trends for the Champions League.

Premier League Betting Tips

The English Premier League is commonly acknowledged as the top football league in the world. As the best footballers from all corners of the globe compete in front of millions of fans worldwide, there’s immense interest in betting on the English Premier League for every fixture.

At the end of the 2018/19 season, Manchester City clinched their fourth Premier League title after an unpredictable race with Liverpool. Many free Premier League betting experts will be favouring Jurgen Klopp’s team to turn the tables in the future.

The Premier League has become the dominant domestic competition in world football. Winning the Premier League title is a dream for any aspiring footballer. Manchester United is the most successful team in the league’s history with 13 titles, but they haven’t won the league since the 2012/13 season.

Betting on the Premier League is straightforward as bookmakers provide a wide range of football betting odds. Punters have the flexibility to customize their bets to their personal preference. Whilst the outright Premier League winner betting market is the most popular, there are several other options to choose from.

Football is the most popular sport worldwide and, as a result, Premier League betting tips are readily available before every match. You can find free tips and previews for the Premier League on 888sport’s football blog page, which provides all the latest football news you’ll need.

Boxing Day Football Betting Tips

For English football fans, Boxing Day has always been an exciting date on the football calendar. The festive period features a complete slate of Premier League matches as well as fixtures from the Championship, League One, and League Two. Boxing Day is a highly anticipated day for Premier League betting, with many bettors eager to check out the holiday schedule as soon as the fixtures are announced. Although Boxing Day odds are typically released closer to the Christmas period, this doesn’t diminish the excitement.

The football matches played on Boxing Day in 1963 are widely remembered for the very high number of goals scored. A total of 66 goals were scored across 10 matches in England’s top division, making it an unforgettable day for English football fans. Fans interested in football betting and focusing on the over/under goals lines may hope for similarly exciting matches this Boxing Day.

Europa League Betting Tips

UEFA Europa League is the sister competition to the Champions League and is also widely followed by football fans worldwide. Europa League matches are played on Thursdays, making it one of the most watched and betted-on football events.

In the 2018/19 season, Chelsea defeated Arsenal in the final to lift the Europa League trophy for the second time in seven years. Ahead of the upcoming Europa League campaign, fans and punters alike will be keen to get their hands on tips, previews, and odds.

The Europa League offers an abundance of betting opportunities, especially with so many teams playing at the same time. With 64 teams involved in the group stages, twice as many as in the Champions League, in-play betting is a popular choice among football bettors. Accumulator betting is also enjoyed by Europa League bettors. If you’re looking for previews, you should check out the Europa League section of the football betting tips blog. The Europa League should not be underestimated as it offers clubs the opportunity to secure a spot in the next season’s Champions League competition.

Championship Betting Tips

To be a successful football bettor, it’s important to have knowledge of the second biggest league in England, the Championship. Teams in the Championship play 46 matches over a gruelling season to compete for a chance to reach the Premier League. On Saturday mornings, football fans often study English Championship betting tips to prepare for the 12 matches taking place in the afternoon. There is a huge financial reward for gaining promotion to the Premier League, making it interesting to look out for Premier League relegation contenders in the following season.

Picking an outright winner in the Championship at the start of the season can be challenging for football bettors. Considered as one of the most challenging leagues in the world, this football division is highly competitive, and only the most skilled football tipsters can consistently make a profit betting on England’s second tier.

League One Betting Tips

If football betting is your thing, you may already be familiar with League One. Similar to the Championship, the League One season starts earlier than the Premier League’s, giving fans the chance to get involved with England’s third tier of professional football.

With 24 teams competing, League One is highly competitive. Placing a 12-match football accumulator over one weekend is an interesting option for punters. If you enjoy betting on “both teams to score”, you might find reasonable success in League One.

MLS Betting Tips

Football betting is becoming increasingly popular in both the United States and the United Kingdom. The rise in the profile of Major League Soccer, thanks in part to the likes of David Beckham, Andrea Pirlo, and Zlatan Ibrahimovic, has contributed to this trend. If you’re interested in betting on football in the United States, we have a dedicated section for MLS betting that covers all your needs. You can find the latest MLS winner odds, top goal scorer odds, and playoff betting markets on our site.

La Liga Betting Tips

La Liga, after only the Premier League, is arguably the most significant domestic football league on the planet. Consisting of prominent Spanish clubs like Barcelona, Real Madrid, and Atletico Madrid, La Liga boasts some of football’s best rivalries every week as they battle it out for the title. Betting enthusiasts often indulge in La Liga, be it by placing bets on Real Madrid to win the La Liga title or wagering on Karim Benzema to score another hattrick. At 888sport, La Liga odds are open throughout the year, covering outright winner markets, top-four betting, and Spanish football matches.

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