Alternative sports betting sites have gained popularity due to their superior odds, extensive range of sports markets, attractive sign-up bonuses, and enticing betting promotions. This article aims to shed light on TAB NZ, its ownership and regulation, and the reasons behind the surge in popularity of alternative betting platforms.

Ownership and Regulation of TAB NZ

The TAB NZ, also known as the Totalisator Agency Board, operates as an independent entity but is subject to strict oversight by the Department of Internal Affairs. In August 2020, TAB NZ assumed control of New Zealand’s racing industry from the Racing Industry Transition Agency (RITA). RITA had replaced the New Zealand Racing Board (NZRB) in 2019 and was entrusted with facilitating the necessary changes to ensure the racing industry’s financial sustainability. TAB NZ generates revenue through TAB betting and subscriptions to TAB Trackside, the dedicated racing channel.

TAB NZ Overview

Established in 1951 following a legislative amendment that permitted off-course betting in New Zealand, TAB NZ has evolved from a solely racing-oriented organization into a comprehensive sports and racing betting agency. It was the world’s first government-run totalisator wagering service.

Today, TAB NZ offers thousands of bets daily, encompassing 31 different sports from both New Zealand and international domains. With over 550 physical stores and the renowned Trackside horse racing channel, TAB NZ has established its presence as the primary on-shore betting agency in New Zealand. While phone betting was popular in the past, the majority of Kiwis now prefer using the TAB app for a seamless betting experience.

Ways to Bet with TAB NZ

Being the sole on-shore bookmaker in New Zealand, TAB NZ holds a monopoly over physical betting stores in the country. However, when it comes to online betting, it faces fierce competition from offshore sports betting websites and betting apps. Kiwis can engage in TAB NZ betting through various channels, including race day betting at racetracks, physical stores, phone betting via TAB call centres, the TAB NZ website, and mobile apps.

Alternative Betting Sites to TAB NZ

While TAB NZ has long been the go-to option for New Zealanders, there are now several alternative bookmakers that offer compelling advantages over the traditional choice. These alternative betting sites provide higher odds, an extensive selection of markets, and generous welcome offers.

Betway and Bet365, for instance, stand out as excellent options for those seeking enhanced betting experiences. They offer over 30,000 sports markets each year, along with a wide range of betting options such as win/loss bets, specials, futures, margins, handicaps, and more. Moreover, both platforms provide enticing promotions like money back bets, increased odds offers, early payout bonuses, and free bets.

TAB NZ Racing

New Zealand boasts a vibrant racing scene, with 69 thoroughbred clubs, 51 harness clubs, and 12 greyhound clubs licensed to host races throughout the year. With over 10,000 individual races annually, horse racing enthusiasts have a myriad of betting opportunities. However, newcomers might find the diverse range of horse racing bet types and associated slang terms overwhelming. Some of the most common TAB NZ racing bet types include Win, Place, Each Way, Quinella, Trifecta, First Four, and Double.

Fixed and Tote Betting at TAB NZ: Understanding the Difference

TAB NZ offers two main types of betting options: fixed odds and tote betting. With fixed odds, also known as Final Field odds, the odds remain constant from the moment the bet is placed until the end of the race. In contrast, tote betting odds fluctuate until the race commences. In tote betting, all wagers go into a collective pool, and after the race, only winning selections receive a share from the pool. Consequently, popular horses yield lower returns, while less favoured horses offer higher returns.

Some of the notable racing events in New Zealand include the Auckland Cup, New Zealand Derby, Karaka Million, New Zealand Guineas, and New Zealand Oaks. Additionally, renowned racetracks such as Ellerslie (Auckland), Trentham (Wellington), and Riccarton (Christchurch) host thrilling races.

TAB NZ Sports

While TAB NZ offers a wide range of sports markets, alternative betting sites often provide a more extensive selection for each match. For instance, Betway and Bet365 stand out as excellent alternatives due to their diverse sports market offerings. Betway alone offers over 30,000 sports markets annually, ranging from simple win/loss bets to specials, futures, margins, handicaps, and more. Moreover, these alternative platforms frequently present attractive promotions, including money back bets, increased odds offers, early payout bonuses, and free bets.

TAB NZ Odds: A Comparison

When it comes to odds, it’s crucial to consider the available options to maximize potential winnings. In general, the TAB NZ’s odds tend to be less favourable compared to those offered by major international sports betting sites. This discrepancy arises due to the TAB’s inability to compete with larger platforms that boast a larger customer base and higher profitability.

For the best odds, it is advisable to explore alternative bookmakers. For example, suppose the TAB offered odds of 8.00 for the Blues to win Super Rugby Aotearoa, while Bet365 provided odds of 10.00 for the same outcome. In that case, a winning bet of $50 would yield a $350 profit at TAB NZ, whereas Bet365 would offer a $450 profit. By opting for the best odds available, bettors can potentially increase their winnings by $100 or more.

Understanding Betting Odds

To help bettors comprehend different odds formats, here’s a brief explanation of decimal, fractional, and American odds:

Decimal Odds

These odds indicate the potential payout for every dollar wagered. To calculate the payout, multiply the bet amount by the decimal odds. The profit can be obtained by subtracting the initial bet amount from the total payout.

Fractional Odds

Commonly used in the United Kingdom, fractional odds represent the potential profit in proportion to the stake. To calculate the winnings, multiply the bet amount by the top number of the fraction and divide the result by the bottom number.

American Odds

When betting on an underdog, American odds indicate the potential winnings for every $100 bet. If betting on a favourite, odds with a minus sign indicate the money required to risk to win $100.

The TAB NZ App: Features and Comparison

The TAB NZ app, available for both Apple and Android devices, offers a convenient platform for sports betting enthusiasts. With features such as live streaming capabilities, cash-out options, and live betting, the app caters to a range of user preferences.

However, when compared to other leading betting apps such as the LeoVegas sports betting app or the Bet365 betting app, the TAB app falls slightly short. These alternative apps have been designed with a mobile-first approach, ensuring a visually appealing and user-friendly experience. Their intuitive interfaces and streamlined navigation make them stand out in terms of usability and functionality.

TAB New Zealand Online

For those who prefer not to download the TAB NZ app, the TAB New Zealand online website serves as a straightforward betting platform. The website offers easy navigation through different sections such as Racing, Sport, In-Play, and Punters Lounge. Users can log in or sign up directly from the top of the page.

The main page highlights the current live featured matches along with their win/loss odds. By selecting a particular market, users can access a comprehensive list of available options. The left-hand side of the website displays a menu featuring upcoming races, featured events, and all sports available for betting. Additionally, the right-hand side presents the TAB NZ bet slip, where users can view their potential, pending, and completed bets.

Exploring TAB New Zealand

TAB New Zealand is the statutory monopoly for sports betting in New Zealand, encompassing horse racing and greyhound racing. Established under the Racing Act 2003, it operates TAB Trackside 1 and TAB Trackside 2 television channels and has a mandate to regulate and enhance the racing industry. TAB NZ manages about 675 outlets nationwide and various wagering channels, including internet, phone, and Touch Tone services, catering to over 170,000 account holders. TAB NZ funds itself through TAB betting revenue, with over 80 percent of the totalisator betting amount returned to customers, while the remainder supports racing and sporting codes after tax and board costs.

TAB’s Wagering Channels and Products

TAB offers a diverse range of wagering channels, including betting at racetracks, a national network of retail shops, call centers, an official website (, Touch Tone phone betting, and mobile apps for Android and iOS. In terms of wagering products, TAB introduced the world’s first Government-run totalisator wagering service in 1951, offering various tote bet types like win, place, each way, Poker, All Up bets, Easybets, and Percentage betting. In 1996, fixed-odds betting was introduced, covering 31 sporting codes worldwide, including rugby, soccer, cricket, and more. The choice of sports betting products includes options like head-to-head, half/full-time double, winning team and margin, among others. Fixed odds betting is also available for racing through Futures books and Final Field. Visit TAB NZ at Jackpot City where to get started, or learn more.

Responsible Gambling Practices at TAB

The New Zealand Racing Board is mandated to address problem gambling. This includes reporting on programs, offering guidance, and conducting training. Since its establishment, the board has been proactive in fulfilling these duties. Initiatives encompass self-exclusion programs, tailored workshops for those battling addiction, staff intervention policies, and tools like maximum bet and loss limits for account holders. These efforts demonstrate the board’s commitment to preventing and minimizing harm related to problem gambling.

TAB’s Involvement in Racing

Funding for the racing industry primarily comes from bets placed on racing and sports, facilitated by the New Zealand TAB, which serves as the retail branch of the New Zealand Racing Board. This board serves as a central hub for the three racing codes: gallops (operated by New Zealand Thoroughbred Racing), trotting and pacing (operated by Harness Racing New Zealand), and greyhound racing (operated by New Zealand Greyhound Racing).


While the TAB NZ has been a popular sports betting organization in New Zealand for many years, an increasing number of New Zealanders are turning to alternative betting sites for a range of reasons. These alternative platforms often offer higher odds, a greater variety of sports markets, attractive sign-up bonuses, and enticing promotions. Bettors can explore options such as Betway and Bet365, which provide a broader selection of sports markets and appealing offers.

Additionally, it is important to consider odds when placing bets, as different bookmakers offer varying odds that can significantly impact potential winnings. By comparing odds and choosing a platform with more favourable options, bettors can maximize their profits. Whether using the TAB NZ app or the online website, understanding the available features and exploring alternative platforms can enhance the overall sports betting experience for New Zealanders.


Is a Reliable Betting Platform in New Zealand?

TAB New Zealand is a reputable and government-owned betting agency in New Zealand. It is considered a reliable betting platform and is widely used by individuals in New Zealand for placing bets on various sports events and horse racing.

What Bonus Offers Are Available at

Customers have the opportunity to receive a refund if their chosen runner finished second, third, or fourth in racing events like the New Zealand Cup and Show Week, Addington Greyhounds, Addington Harness, Riccarton Park Races, Alexandra Park Harness, Cambridge Greyhounds, Sandown Races, and more.

How Can I Contact Customer Service at

To contact customer service at TAB New Zealand, you can reach them via email at [email protected] or by phone at 0800 102 106.

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