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Rugby has a rich history in Great Britain, dating back to the mid-19th century. Over time, the sport has undergone some changes, with the biggest being the formation of rugby league about 50 years later. In today’s rugby world, both codes of rugby still exist, much to the joy and excitement of fans worldwide.

Although rugby betting for both codes is comparable, there are some noteworthy differences between the two, mainly regarding the distinct rule variations between union and league. Differing point scoring, tackling procedures, and competition formats are just a few of the most important differences.

The Rugby World Cup represents the highest level of achievement in rugby union, with teams worldwide striving to emerge victorious. Although many sides have competed for the famous Webb Ellis Cup, England remains the only team from the northern hemisphere to have lifted it.

Looking ahead to the 2023 Rugby World Cup, early betting tips and odds pick New Zealand as the leading contender and early favourite to win the prestigious trophy.

Whilst there is also a Rugby League World Cup, it doesn’t enjoy the same level of popularity as its union counterpart.

The most significant club competition in the United Kingdom is the Super League, and in Australia, it’s the NRL. Rugby league is immensely popular in Australia, and the success of the NRL has played a vital role in their dominance at the international level.

Now let’s dive into the meat of this article: our recommended rugby betting tips. We have put together some general advice for rugby betting enthusiasts, as well as specific tips for both rugby union and rugby league betting. We hope that these tips and insights can assist punters in achieving positive outcomes and pay-outs when betting on rugby matches in the future.

Important note: if sports betting has negatively affected your life or the life of someone you know, there’s no shame in reaching out to get the necessary help.

The best rugby betting tips

Regardless of whether you’re a fan of rugby union or rugby league, one thing is undeniable: both codes of the sport are highly physical and place significant strain on its players.

Fatigue and injuries are prevalent in both forms of rugby. To promote player safety, rugby’s governing bodies have implemented stricter rules in recent years. As a result, officials have greater authority than ever before, and red cards are now issued more frequently than in the past. Punters should keep this in mind, especially before betting on a fiercely contested match between hot-blooded rivals.

Since 1987, a total of 25 red cards have been issued at the Rugby World Cup, with five being awarded in 2019 alone. Fans of rugby union looking for betting tips should take note of this statistic and consider placing a wager on the likelihood of a red card at upcoming editions of the Rugby World Cup.

Whilst rugby league remains a physical sport, the game has developed to place greater emphasis on skill and maintaining possession over the six phases of play, rather than sheer brutality.

Before a significant rugby league match, we suggest taking the “over” on the number of tries line.

Although defence still holds significant importance, rugby league has developed a mentality focused mainly on outscoring your opponent, especially in the southern hemisphere. Therefore, punters should be sure to do some thorough research before placing bets, as rugby playing styles differ between the two hemispheres.

It can be challenging to locate the most effective rugby betting tips when considering the sport as a whole. Depending on whether the code is union or league, punters can adapt their rugby betting strategy in a variety of ways. To assist with this, we’ve compiled our top rugby betting tips for both codes below.

Rugby League Betting Tips

Rugby league has a strong following in the northern regions of England, where teams like St. Helens, Wigan Warriors, and Warrington Wolves have enjoyed success in recent years.

The Super League Grand Final is one of the most anticipated events on the rugby calendar, and it is part of the two major rugby league competitions for betting – the NRL and Super League.

One crucial factor to consider when betting on rugby league is the total points market. Despite tries being worth four points in rugby league compared to five in rugby union, the points line is usually higher. On average, league games tend be higher scoring affairs compared to union games.

Margin betting is a compelling approach for rugby league fans. Punters can bet on a team to win by 1-6 points if they expect a close game that will be settled by less than one converted try. Conversely, you can bet on a blowout, with some bookmakers offering odds for a team to win by 19 or more points.

Rugby Union Betting Tips

When betting on rugby union, one of our top recommendations is to consider betting on the total points scored by a specific player.

In rugby union, penalties and drop goals are worth three points, as compared to just two points and one point, respectively, in rugby league. Therefore, betting on the team’s goal kicker can be a prudent strategy.

In today’s game, the conditions play a significant role in determining the style of union fixtures.

Ideal playing conditions can frequently result in high-scoring matches, whereas rain and wind can neutralise the playing field and stimulate a low-scoring battle of attrition. Betting markets can undergo significant changes depending on weather conditions, which is an important consideration to make when betting on a game.

Some teams prefer playing under a closed roof to avoid weather related issues while also amplifying the atmosphere to better intimidate visiting teams. For example, Wales often requests to close the Principality Stadium roof. When playing Six Nations fixtures, however, they must get permission from the away side.

Rugby World Cup Betting Tips

Every four years, the Rugby World Cup brings together the top teams from across the globe to compete for the Webb Ellis Cup. New Zealand and South Africa are the most successful teams in the tournament’s history, having won three titles each. However, a lot can change in the four-year gap between tournaments, and whilst the usual contenders are expected to fight for the top spot, it may be wise to hold off on placing World Cup bets until the event is just around the corner.

As the World Cup draws nearer and nearer, punters can typically access pool betting odds, odds to qualify, and at times a market that allows them to predict the number of points a team will accumulate in the World Cup group stages.

Super Rugby Betting Tips

Super Rugby is the ultimate showcase of domestic rugby union. It boasts the finest teams from the southern hemisphere and has garnered widespread attention from union enthusiasts worldwide.

Super Rugby fixtures are typically aired live on Sky Sports on Saturday mornings, providing more opportunities for fans around the world to catch the action.

With a wealth of attacking prowess on display, Super Rugby matches are often thrilling, packed with drama and excitement. However, it’s essential to account for the heightened level of competition in the southern hemisphere when betting on Super Rugby fixtures.

Free Rugby League Betting Tips

When it comes to rugby league betting, several crucial factors must be considered. First, in the Super League, teams may suffer from fatigue due to congested fixture lists caused by the added participation of the Catalans Dragons and Toronto Wolfpack.

Moreover, salary caps play a significant role in shaping teams globally, leading to consistent top-performing teams and occasional underdog successes that contribute to the unpredictable nature of rugby league.

It is also recommended to seek out free rugby league betting tips from reputable experts before subscribing to a paid tipster service, so you can make sure that you have the best possible chances of success in the most significant competitions and tournaments.

Free Rugby Union Betting Tips

One of the most crucial aspects of rugby union betting is to closely follow injury news, in addition to paying attention to weather conditions and backing the kicker.

Losing a key player can be costly, especially in close matches between the top union nations. Some countries have a large pool of talented players, while others have thin rosters.

Additionally, teams like New Zealand often experiment with using different players against weaker opponents. Although the All Blacks are still formidable, they may lack some of their usual flair, and taking the odds on the underdog is worth considering.

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